Tyrepower Brand Refresh

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Assembled Group
July 6, 2023

Halo Advertising has a long and successful relationship with the Tyrepower brand dating back to 2010 when the “Get the Power” creative was first launched in a Victorian test market campaign. Halo has refreshed the campaign several times since and in 2023 we were asked to keep the essence of the brand once again but create new content across television, social media, and radio to keep the brand top of mind.  

The Agency’s creative approach.

We consciously retained the existing and highly successful “Get the POWER” creative platform, with some key updates that revitalised and refresh the brand messaging.

Importantly, the approach continued to focus on using the Tyrepower members as the face of the brand. This was critical to continue differentiating the brand from our corporate competitors and in reinforcing the SERVICE, 4WD EXPERTISE, ADVICE, INDEPENDENT brand messaging.

As in previous years, we wanted to use a combination of male and female owners throughout the videos. Their friendly, natural delivery is a key pillar of the brand.

We proposed running a casting session via Zoom to identify the best talent from across Australia for the shoot. This will help leverage a deeper engagement and buy-in with the members.

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