Red Tractor Social Media Strategy

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July 6, 2023

Red Tractor bring the best quality natural ingredients to you for healthy and great tasting goods, with no nasties, no numbers and no worries!


Establish a strong digital presence for the Red Tractor brand while driving consumers to their online store and stockists.

The Challenge

There is stiff competition in the highly competitive arena of breakfast and snacks. The big players have superior branding and expertly blend people, products and lifestyle.

As an emerging brand, Red Tractor needed to grow existing audiences and capture new ones while keeping pace with the crowded breakfast space.

The Strategy

To build the Red Tractor brand and become more recognisable we honored their Australian roots and legacy while taking people along on a journey from Farm to Fork.

The Solution

Creating fun, educational and relevant content. Tapping into the User Generated Content movement, honoring our Aussie farmers and appealing to the emerging younger demographic.

“The team at Media Sociale understand our brand and audience. They consistantly deliver content that resonates with our community and amplifies our digital presence. This allows us to compete with the big players,” Stephanie Anderton, Head of Marketing, Red Tractor.
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