Assembled Group has long term goals for national coverage

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Liv Croagh
Marketing Mag
April 12, 2022

The recently launched Assembled Group is a culmination of specialist agencies. The goal of the group is to deliver better marketing and communications outcomes. Marketing sat down with CEO Craig Hart to talk about the long-term goals.

"originally-published" Originally published in Marketing Mag, April 12, 2022

Marketing Mag: How did you choose which agencies would join Assembled?

Craig Hart: When looking at who to join Assembled, we wanted to make sure the people and agencies shared an alignment of culture. We looked for agencies with a growth agenda, who are committed to delivering to a high standard. We aren’t looking for empty promises.

The other thing that we were looking for is the capability of augmenting our offers. We want to deliver specialist skills to our clients.

MM: What are the long term goals for national coverage?

CH: At Assembled we don’t want constraints. We have a presence in Melbourne and Sydney and Brisbane will be our priority. The Eastern Seaboard makes the most sense to target first, but we aren’t limited to it.

This will be fulfilled via acquisition. New offices for existing agencies might be happening down the track. We are always looking for the right talent, and won’t be geographically restricted.

MM: Are there plans to invite more agencies to join Assembled?

CH: There will be a need to augment our capabilities. We are all about making sure we can deliver the right offer to address the client’s specific needs.

Our approach is that the initial engagement is on an agnostic basis. We are all about listening carefully then deeply considering a proposal that makes sense.

Fortunately, Assembled is a multidisciplinary group. This means we possess the ability and flexibility to offer a range of services. This ensures our relevance rather than sell only what one agency may offer, regardless of need.

At Assembled, we plan to respond to this dynamic environment by continuously reviewing what we offer and how we are placed to address issues and opportunities for our clients.

MM: Did you focus on finding agencies that had a common goal, or ones that would be able to achieve different goals yet still aligned?

CH: I am not sure that any two agencies have one entirely common goal. What we are here to do is support growth. We want to create more options.

Varied short term goals are fine. That is natural. But it’s about alignment.

Reach out to Assembled Group to find out how you can work together.

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