Assembled Group looks towards further expansion to support clients’ needs

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Assembled Group
April 4, 2022

Australia’s specialist group of marketing agencies, Assembled Group, will continue to invest in new businesses and to further expand the group in response to the increasing number of clients seeking to consolidate their marketing campaigns.

"originally-published" Originally published by Assembled Group on LinkedIn, April 4, 2022

The group of 11 agencies celebrated its official launch yesterday, with the original launch date delayed due to covid-related lockdowns.

Assembled Group Executive Chairman Craig Hart told clients and agency representatives attending the event that client organisations are increasingly seeking discipline experts who work collaboratively on the challenges and opportunities of their clients’ businesses.

“Clients always know what they are trying to achieve, but they often don’t know exactly which marketing levers they will need to pull to get there,” Hart said.
“They may for example specifically seek out an advertising approach, whereas in actual fact the project may be more effective or efficient if engaging PR or digital marketing or social marketing initiatives.

“The problem with today’s fragmented marketing landscape is how hard it makes it for clients to find best practice experts who work together in harmony with other agencies.”

Assembled Group has grown from an initial investment in advertising agency Halo two years ago, to now comprise 11 specialist marketing agencies that work independently, and where appropriate, collaboratively, to deliver the best possible outcome for the client.

“Having worked for large groups of agencies before in Omnicom and Photon Group, it was clear that there was no point in forming just another group unless it could demonstrate and deliver some palpable points of difference for our clients and our agency members,” Hart said.

While Assembled holds a strategic shareholding in each member agency, the Group doesn’t think like, and therefore doesn’t act like, a “holding company”.

Hart said the new business model provided agencies with a multitude of benefits they wouldn’t typically get from a traditional agency structure.

“It allows us to support our agencies to find a truly differentiated position that can help them attract, develop and retain key talent while providing clients with more efficient and effective services,” he said.

Assembled Group is continuing to look towards future expansion and development.

“We are currently in discussion with some Sydney agencies to support clients’ national campaigns in areas such as content creation,” Hart said.

“Where it makes sense, and we can provide a relevant solution to our clients’ challenges or opportunities, we will continue to expand by acquisition as well as organic growth.”

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