How Assembled Media is unleashing the power of demand focused planning

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Brad Easton
Assembled Media
July 10, 2023

While other agencies are fixated on either brand or performance, at Assembled Media, we've mastered the art of balance.

"originally-published" Originally published by Assembled Media, June 5, 2023

Unlock success with Demand Focused Planning. Create and Capture Demand with Assembled Media. Discover how our balanced approach maximizes media effectiveness and achieves the perfect equilibrium between reach, relevance, recency, and retention. Explore the power of Demand Focused Planning for long-term business growth.

Demand Focused Planning

In today's cut-throat business landscape, where the media scene is constantly evolving, achieving effective media planning, and buying can feel like navigating a maze. This critical practice has a direct impact on revenue and results, making it essential for businesses to find the perfect formula. At Assembled Media, we've cracked the code with our ground-breaking approach we call Demand Focused Planning. While other media agencies specialise in either brand or performance, by harnessing the power of people, data, and technology, we strike the balance to provide our clients with a competitive edge that sets them apart from the crowd.

Create Demand

Ever wondered what it takes to create a buzz in your industry? It all starts with reaching the right people. Research from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute has shown that maximizing reach within your target segment, consistently and creatively, leads to better business results. Armed with this knowledge, we dive deep into consumer behaviour, media preferences, demographics, and psychographics, concocting a secret sauce for our clients 'success. Our tailored, integrated media campaigns pack a punch, reaching out to as many people as possible and leaving a lasting impact.

But we know that theory doesn’t always work in practice. We understand that reaching everyone every week is like chasing a unicorn –elusive and financially impractical. That's why we go the extra mile to add a touch of relevance to the mix. By identifying the moments that intersect with your clients' interests and your business objectives, we ensure that your campaigns speak directly to the hearts and minds of your core target market. This approach of effective reach within relevant environments yields stronger business results and wins the hearts of your audience.

Capture Demand

Picture this: you've got the attention of your potential customers, and they're on the verge of making a purchase. This is the moment you've been waiting for. At Assembled Media, we've mastered the art of capturing demand at just the right time by making your business physically available through onlline media. We use cutting-edge tools and technology to forecast in-market demand for your products and services. We then allocate investments strategically through key performance channels, implementing recency strategies that work wonders to capture your and your competitors in-market customers.

But we don't stop at just capturing new customers; we understand the significance of nurturing existing customer relationships. Your existing customers are vital to maintaining a thriving business. That's why we implement tailored retention strategies, leveraging the wealth of information we have on them. By speaking directly to your current customers differently to new customers, we foster loyalty and create a foundation for long-term success.

Finding the Perfect Balance

Demand Focused Planning is our secret weapon. It allows us to measure the effectiveness of your media campaigns, make informed decisions, and drive your business toward success. With clear objectives and tracking key performance indicators related to reach, relevance, recency, and retention, we constantly fine-tune our strategies to achieve optimal results. It's a continuous journey of improvement, where our planning becomes laser-focused on your unique needs and objectives.

Here's what sets us apart: while other agencies are fixated on either brand or performance, at Assembled Media, we've mastered the art of balance. Through our Demand Focused Planning, we create and capture demand simultaneously. By infusing reach, relevance, recency, and retention into every aspect of our media campaigns, we create a symphony of success that resonates with your audience both in the short and long term through balance.

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