The Tipping Point Era
Inform your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy
Lainie Mcminn
October 15, 2021
Insight LED is proud to share "The Tipping Point Era," our latest cultural trend report that delves into changing consumer attitudes and behaviors towards environmental sustainability and what this means for brands and advertisers.
More Aware, Less Complacent
Environmental concerns are influencing new consumer buying habits and brand behaviours. Australians are more aware and less complacent. Extreme weather events and COVID-19 has shaken our social, economic and political systems to their core, reminding us that the climate crisis is unfolding in the here & now.
Rise of the Circular Economy
As part of consumers' increasing focus on suststainability as an ethical stance, they are turning to new purchasing and consumption models embracing the rise of the circular economy which offers alternative ways to attain products like renting or buying pre-owned goods.
Traceability is Important
In this era of misinformation consumers are seeking ways to track, measure and understand the ecological impact and footprint in the products, brands and services they use.
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